Exploring the challenges and opportunities around developing IoT solutions within the home

[Originally published 14/06/2019 on the 383 blog https://383project.com/blog/getting-smart-about-smart-home-innovation/]

Photo by Ihor Saveliev on Unsplash

In a world where we’re increasingly surrounded by intelligent, connected devices, it’s easy to take them for granted. When they work well, these technologies straddle a fine line between ambient…

User research is like a badly rendered dinosaur: The truth often lies in the bits you don’t see…

[Originally published 11/04/2019 on the 383 blog https://383project.com/blog/what-can-fat-dinosaurs-teach-you-about-understanding-your-customers/]

Photo by fan yang on Unsplash

Like most kids who found themselves cowering behind their popcorn in the early 90s, I have an indelible mental image of what a T-Rex…

Nick Lockey

I’m a digital creative with a passion for product strategy and UX research. 👋

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